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Pax tecvm!   Ειρηνη υμιν!   שלום לכם!   Peace be with you!

Everyone is looking for answers to their deepest questions, and for meaning in their lives.  We want to know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.  Some attempt this by seeking out the modern Gurus of self help, others by delving into Eastern Mysticism, some simply overwhelmed turn to drugs, while others seek to "liberate" themselves through unrestricted sexual license, while others use excessive amounts of exercise to take control of their life, and others make an unrestrained pursuit of wealth, and yet even when the ultimate end of all of these paths are achieved very few if anyone is enlightened or happy.

So many feel so empty today and they don't even seem to know why. There is so much depression and mental illness in the world today, and suicide is possibly the most common it has ever been throughout the world.  The most terrible crimes are committed in astounding numbers every day all throughout the so called civilized world.  Terrible ailments plague mankind, and are only surpassed by those terrors we create for ourselves.

But the answers to all of our problems and to those deepest questions can be found, and it is indeed in and through Catholicism.  No matter what the difficulty or the question is Catholicism has the answer and really the only answer to the most basic and essential questions of life, death, and beyond.

Why do bad things happen to good peopleWhy must we sufferHow can evil exist if God is goodness itself, and He created everythingIs it a sin to shop on SundayWhat is the cause of all the evils in the world? Are organ transplants ever morally licit? What does the Church really teach about suicideHow can the Catholic Church be the One True Church when so many Catholics, even Priests and Bishops perpetrate great evils?

For all of these questions Catholicism has the answer.  And it is the purpose of this website to make an attempt to share these greatly desired answers with anyone who has "ears to hear".

God bless you and thank you for your visit to this website.



One thought on “About This Website

  1. admin
    admin says:

    Thank you for your great question! Not dumb at all. Sadly, much of the rich and ancient beauty of the Catholic faith has not been passed on in recent decades, and that is very true when it comes to the Sacred Liturgy. This is even true of many, if not most, priests today who received very poor formation in Seminary.

    I took the picture you are referring to during the Consecration of a Seminary Chapel in 2010. It was one of the first of its kind in living memory in the United States.

    This was partly because it was done according the ancient Roman Rite, which was mostly in disuse from 1970-2007 when Pope Benedict XVI clarified that these ancient forms of the Sacraments in the Roman Rite (which had existed more or less in their current form from the time of Pope Saint Gregory the Great[+604] and even back to Pope Saint Gelasius) were still very much part of our patrimony as Roman Catholics and not only were allowed but ought to be celebrated.

    And secondly because Churches had to be owned out right and made out of permanent materials like stone to be consecrated, otherwise they were merely “dedicated” and the altar only, if it was stone, was consecrated. Nearly all parishes built in the last 70-100 years in the US have a mortgage on the Church building, and thus cannot have a consecration when they first complete construction, and when they finally do pay it off the usually don’t go back and have the consecration sadly.

    Anyway, what is being shown in the picture is part of the Rite of Consecration, and what’s really awesome is that EWTN broadcast the whole thing live and you can find it in it’s entirety online as well. One of the Seminary professors and another knowledgeable priest provide commentary during the whole ceremony and they give a full answer to your question (hopefully). I’ve got the clip here (starts at 3m32s)…

    I would assume those painted crosses shown in this chapel are the same things you are describing made out of stone (especially if you church is of older construction). If not they may simply be decoration. Without seeing them myself I couldn’t say for sure. If they don’t have candles in front or directly underneath them then they are probably not the same thing. (Interestingly, those candles are only every lit again on the Easter Vigil each year and during the celebration of the anniversary of the consecration of the church each year.)

    Hopefully, that answers your question. You can learn a ton by watching through the whole ceremony and listing to the commentary.

    God bless!


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