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A Simple Outline for making Mental Prayer and Meditation

A Simple Outline for making Mental Prayer and Meditation

The following is a Synthesis of the Writings of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Subjects for Meditation (Liguori)
 -**The Passion**
-Obligation to love God
-All that God has done for me
-Worthlessness of worldly things


Places to Meditate (Liguori)
-**Before Blessed Sacrament**
-Solitary Place
-Your Room


Notes/Tips (Liguori)
-Solitude/Silence in the heart and exteriorly are very important for meditation.
-The early morning is the best for meditation, though it can also be made in the evening, and ideally both.
-Calmly remove all distractions, and do not get riled up by temptations during prayer.
-Pray always to know God’s will and to have the strength to follow it.


Meditation Plan

1. Preparation
-Place oneself in the presence of Christ. (Avila)
-Dispose mind and body for recollection. Do not allow mind to wander. Kneeling is best posture. (Liguori)        
      + Act of Faith in Presence of God
      + Act of Humility and Contrition
      + Act of Petition for Light
      *Invoke the names of Jesus and Mary (follow with Ave)
      *Invoke Saint Joseph, Guardian Angel, and Patron Saints.


2. Selection of the Material
-Read Sacred Scripture or the writings of a Saint; or study a picture of Christ. (Avila & Liguori)


3. Consideration
-Reflect upon the material.  Ask oneself the questions: who, what, why, for what reason? (Avila)


4. Conversation – The Core of the Meditation (Avila)
-Converse with Our Lord about the material.  Employ the affectations of:


Affectations (Liguori)
+ Humility, confidence, or thanks.
+ Acts of Contrition and love.
+ Delight in the infinite Joy of God.


Petitions (Liguori)
+ Implore the Divine Mercy of Jesus
+ Ask for graces in Jesus name.


Resolutions (Liguori)
+ To avoid a particular defect.
+ To practice a particular virtue.
+ Renew Consecration to Jesus and Mary


5. Conclusion
-Gratitude to Christ for favors received.  Examination of faults during meditation, and resolution of further effort in succeeding meditations. (Avila)
+ Thank God for lights received.
+ Firm purpose to fulfill resolutions made.
+ Ask God the Father in the names of Jesus and Mary the grace to be faithful to resolutions.
+ Pray for souls in Purgatory and all sinners.
+ Remember best points of meditation throughout the day.
+ Throughout the day make short fervent prayers of love, resignation, and oblation of ourselves.


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