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Is Abortion Demonic?

Is Abortion Demonic?

Author: Servus Immaculatae

“Arise, give praise in the night, in the beginning of the watches: pour out thy heart like water, before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands to him for the life of thy little children” -Lamentations 2:19

Certainly there are many who would say that “Abortion is Murder” or “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart” or any number of other bumper-sticker slogans, which are certainly true but are Pro-Lifers missing the point?  Should we not rather speak about abortion principally being “evil” or even “demonic”?

Death was never part of God’s plan for His creation and especially not his greatest creation: man.  But because of the intervention of demonic forces, indeed the very “father of lies” death entered into the world:

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” (John 8:44)

And he has inspired the death of children all throughout history, starting first with tempting Cain to slaughter his own brother Abel who were the first children of the first parents.  And he would inspire the systematic slaughter of the innocent from ancient times, beginning with the killing of children as is recorded early in sacred scripture in connection with the “god” worshiped by the Ammonites: Moloch, who was later adopted for a time by some of the Israelites.  It is important to remember here what the inspired inerrant Word of God says:

“All the gods of the Gentiles are devils” (Psalm 95:5)

Thus Moloch is a demon to which the Ammonites, and later some Israelites, sacrificed their children on a regular basis (3 Kings 11:5).  This was even after God specifically forbid this practice on one occasion speaking with Moses, and clearly explained how terrible it was (Leviticus 20).

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich records another particularly horrifying instance of child sacrifice in the ancient world in one of her visions concerning the three wise men in her Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“They took a child of one of the purest and most devout mothers amongst the followers of their religion, and she esteemed herself very fortunate to offer up her child in this way. The child was flayed and strewn with flour to absorb the blood. They ate this blood-soaked flour as a holy repast, and continued strewing the flour and eating until there was no blood left in the child’s body. Finally the child’s flesh was cut up into small pieces, which were distributed among them and eaten.  I saw them performing this gruesome ceremony with the greatest simplicity and devoutness, and I was told that they had adopted this dreadful practice as a result of misunderstanding and distorting certain prophetic and symbolical indications which they had received regarding the Holy Eucharist. I saw that this terrible sacrifice was carried on in Chaldaea, in the country of Mensor, one of the three holy kings, until he put an end to its horrors on receiving enlightenment in a vision from heaven on the day of Mary’s conception.”

Of course, one most terrible instances of ritual human sacrifice, and in particular that of children, ever recorded was during the height of the Aztec empire in present day Mexico during the 15th century.  They would cut out the still beating heart of a grown man offering up his body and blood to placate the “god” (demon) they were worshiping: Huitzilopochtli.  On one particular occasion over the course of a single day 10,000 men were sacrificed in this way.  If that wasn’t terrible enough they also sacrificed many of their children, in fact one out of every five Aztec children was raised with the explicit intent of sacrificing them.  They were raised in all comfort being pampered in every way so that when it came time for their sacrifice they would cry more in order to appease the rain “god”.  (Source: Our Lady of Guadalupe: And the Conquest of Darkness, by Dr. Warren Carroll, founder of Christendom College)


Some believe that Moloch and Huitzilopochtli are one in the same and that this very same demon is intimately connected with the modern abortion industry.  It has been demonstrated on numerous occasions the close link between the demonic and abortion industry. Of course most are not openly and explicitly satanic, but there are a few like Aware Woman Center for Choice found by Patricia Baird-Windle in Melbourne Florida that have clear and open ties to the occult movement.  If one does just a little research into this strong connection you will find it all over the place.

The most shocking example, however, of the explicitly satanic nature of abortion and their so called “clinics” are the cases of those “nurses” who would intentionally get pregnant simply in order to abort the child as part of a satanic ritual sacrifice.  This was reported well by back in December of 2010 in this article.  One shocking excerpt from the article reads:

Seidman says that there was ritual drug use, “sacred prostitution,” and ritual abortions performed after-hours, involving clinic staff who had intentionally become pregnant.

“I always had a ‘feeling’ that there was something ‘wrong’ or ‘dangerous’ there – almost a feeling of a presence, which I now recognize as being the exact opposite of the Presence that I feel in a church,” she said. The workers worshipped a Goddess whose “truest form” was recognized as “the Great Dragon” – a name she was later surprised to discover in the Bible.

Now we are tempted to believe that our “great” civilization that is so elevated above such “primitive” peoples of ancient times would never fall into such an abomidable practice as ritual human sacrifice, but we are mistaken if we think that these civilizations were primitive, rather it was those civilizations who were at their height who became devil worshiping human sacrifices.  In his masterpiece, The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton speaks about this very point:

And all over the world the traces can be found of this striking and solid fact, so curiously overlooked by the moderns who speak of all such evil as primitive and early in evolution, that as a matter of fact some of the very highest civilizations of the world were the very places where the horns of Satan were exalted, not only to the stars but in the face of the sun. Take for example the Aztecs and American Indians of the ancient empires of Mexico and Peru. They were at least as elaborate as Egypt or China and only less lively than that central civilization which is our own. But those who criticize that central civilization (which is always their own civilization) have a curious habit of not merely doing their legitimate duty in condemning its crimes, but of going out of their way to idealize its victims. They always assume that before the advent of Europe there was nothing anywhere but Eden. And Swinburne, in that spirited chorus of the nations in ‘Songs Before Sunrise,’ used an expression about Spain in her South American conquests which always struck me as very strange. He said something about ‘her sins and sons through sinless lands dispersed,’ and how they ‘made accursed the name of man and thrice accursed the name of God! It may be reasonable enough that he should say the Spaniards were sinful, but why in the world should he say that the South Americans were sinless? Why should he have supposed that continent to be exclusively populated by archangels or saints perfect in heaven? It would be a strong thing to say of the most respectable neighborhood; but when we come to think of what we really do know of that society the remark is rather funny. We know that the sinless priests of this sinless people worshipped sinless gods, who accepted as the nectar and ambrosia of their sunny paradise nothing but incessant human sacrifice accompanied by horrible torments. We may note also in the mythology of this American civilization that element of reversal or violence against instinct of which Dante wrote; which runs backwards everywhere through the unnatural religion of the demons. It is notable not only in ethics but in aesthetics. A South American idol was made as ugly as possible, as a Greek image was made as beautiful as possible. They were seeking the secret of power, by working backwards against their own nature and the nature of things. There was always a sort of yearning to carve at last, in gold or granite or the dark -red timber of the forests, a face at which the sky itself would break like a cracked mirror. (The Everlasting Man, Ch. 6)

It seems that the Pro-Life community have begun to miss the point.  They are so focused on the physical and natural evil of the “culture of death”, as our modern culture was termed by Pope Saint John Paul II in his Encyclical Evangelium Vitae, that they have forgotten the supernatural aspect of this whole situation.  For as Saint Paul says:

“For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” (Eph. 6:12)

Indeed we are in a spiritual fight more than anything with the “powers” of evil.  And the stakes are high indeed for we are not here just speaking about the loss of this natural life of these innocent children in the womb, but rather more of the loss of their souls forever.

It has been said publicly, more than once, by certain famous speakers that we may compare the Holy Innocents, holy martyr children put to death by Herod, to the terrible slaughter of children in the womb that goes on ever single day by the tens of thousands throughout the world.  This, however, goes the heart of what might be called the “Pro-Life ‘Heresy'”, and is just another instance of an error that runs through far too many Pro-Life circles, and almost without fail even through the Catholic ones.

Abortion being a very emotionally charged subject for almost everyone involved (it is after all one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance), and so it is difficult sometimes even for Catholics to speak about it in a reasonable manner among themselves.  But, as with all things, we must use the science of Logic and apply sound Catholic teaching to each an ever situation without admixture of passion, which can all to easily color our conclusions.  This means knowing the Churches teaching and then applying it to every situation calmly and dispassionately.  This is difficult when the problems are right in front of us or we are dealing with something very trying such as end of life issues of a close relative.  And so now let us review some Church teaching.

The Necessity of Baptism for Salvation

One cannot be saved without “the laver of regeneration” (Titus 3:5).  This has been the clear and constant teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Christ throughout the ages…

“Without baptism, salvation is attainable by none.” -Tertullian, Baptism 12 [A.D. 203]

“There are three ways in which sins are forgiven: in baptism, in prayer, and in the greater humility of penance; yet God does not forgive sins except to the baptized.”  -Saint Augustine – Bishop, Father, and Doctor of the Church; Sermons to Catechumens on the Creed 7:15 [A.D. 395]

“And because of the transgression of the first man, the whole stock of the human race was tainted; no one can be set free from the state of the old Adam save through Christ’s sacrament of baptism, in which there are no distinctions between the reborn, as the apostle [Paul] says, ‘For as many of you as were baptized in Christ did put on Christ; there is neither Jew nor Greek . . . ‘ [Gal. 3:27–28]”  -Pope Saint Leo the Great, Father and Doctor of the Church, Letters 15:10-11 [A.D. 445]

“If any one saith, that baptism is free, that is, not necessary unto salvation; let him be anathema.” -The Ecumenical Council of Trent, Session 6, 13 January 1547, On Baptism, Canon V

And so all need to be Baptized to be saved.

Three Kinds of Baptism

There are three kinds of Baptism: of Water, of Desire, and of Blood.  Of course the first is most common and the usual path one will take to free themselves from original sin and join themselves Christ’s Mystical Body: the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  But the other two are certainly possible and valid in so far as they are attainable.  For of course the very Saints we celebrate today in the Sacred Liturgy received Baptism “of Blood” through their martyrdom.

“If any man does not receive baptism, he does not have salvation. The only exception is the martyrs, who even without water will receive the kingdom. . . For the Savior calls martyrdom a baptism, saying, ‘Can you drink the cup which I drink and be baptized with the baptism with which I am to be baptized [Mark 10:38]?’ Indeed, the martyrs too confess, by being made a spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men [1 Cor. 4:9]”  -Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lectures 3:10 [A.D. 350]

“[Besides the baptisms associated with Moses, John, and Jesus] I know also a fourth baptism, that by martyrdom and blood, by which also Christ himself was baptized. This one is far more august than the others, since it cannot be defiled by later sins”  -Saint Gregory Nazianzus, Oration on the Holy Lights 39:17 [A.D. 381]

“Do not be surprised that I call martyrdom a baptism, for here too the Spirit comes in great haste and there is the taking away of sins and a wonderful and marvelous cleansing of the soul, and just as those being baptized are washed in water, so too those being martyred are washed in their own blood” -Saint John Chrysostom, Panegyric on St. Lucian 2 [A.D. 387]

“But I hear you lamenting because he [the Emperor Valentinian] had not received the sacraments of baptism. Tell me, what else could we have, except the will to it, the asking for it? He too had just now this desire, and after he came into Italy it was begun, and a short time ago he signified that he wished to be baptized by me. Did he, then, not have the grace which he desired? Did he not have what he eagerly sought? Certainly, because he sought it, he received it. What else does it mean: ‘Whatever just man shall be overtaken by death, his soul shall be at rest [Wis. 4:7]’?”  -Saint Ambrose of Milan – Bishop, Father, and Doctor of the Church, Sympathy at the Death of Valentinian [A.D. 392]

“There are three ways in which sins are forgiven: in baptism, in prayer, and in the greater humility of penance; yet God does not forgive sins except to the baptized”  -Saint Augustine – Bishop, Father, and Doctor of the Church, Sermons to Catechumens on the Creed 7:15 [A.D. 395]

“I do not hesitate to put the Catholic catechumen, burning with divine love, before a baptized heretic. Even within the Catholic Church herself we put the good catechumen ahead of the wicked baptized person. . . . For Cornelius, even before his baptism, was filled up with the Holy Spirit [Acts 10:44–48], while Simon [Magus], even after his baptism, was puffed up with an unclean spirit [Acts 8:13–19]”  -Saint Augustine – Bishop, Father, and Doctor of the Church, On Baptism, Against the Donatists 4:21:28 [A.D. 400]

Can Aborted Children Attain Salvation?

So then for the children who suffer the terrible crime of abortion how can they be saved?

Certainly, they do not receive Baptism of Water, and that is not disputed by anyone.

Nor could they have baptism of desire as they are not at the age of reason as the great Saint Thomas Aquinas explains:

“By Baptism a man is ordained to the Eucharist, and therefore from the fact of children being baptized, they are destined by the Church to the Eucharist; and just as they believe through the Church’s faith, so they desire the Eucharist through the Church’s intention, and, as a result, receive its reality. But they are not disposed for Baptism by any previous sacrament, and consequently before receiving Baptism, in no way have they Baptism in desire; but adults alone have: consequently, they cannot have the reality of the sacrament without receiving the sacrament itself.” (Summa Theologiae, Tertia Pars, Q. 73, a. 3)

And so that leaves us with the baptism “of Blood”, which was the salvation of the Holy Innocents.   But here is the problem: in what way are the victims of abortion martyrs?  They do not die for Christ nor can they desire to do so and this means they cannot be martyrs and thus cannot have remission of original sin.  The only exception might be (though this is theologically tenuous) if the abortion was being done by an explicit satanist, and we know there are more than a few of these out there.  But this is most terrible!  Indeed it is and this is what really and actually makes Abortion so truly terrible.  It is not so much the material evil of the killing of the physical life but the supernatural evil of the loss of a soul.  This was they very teaching in the lament poured out by Pope Sixtus V in his Apostolic Constitution Effraenatam (against abortionists), published on 29 October 1588…

“Noticing that frequently by various Apostolic Constitutions the audacity and daring of most profligate men, who know no restraint, of sinning with license against the commandment ‘do not kill’ was repressed; We who are placed by the Lord in the supreme throne of justice, being counseled by a most just reason, are in part renewing old laws and in part extending them in order to restrain with just punishment the monstrous and atrocious brutality of those who have no fear to kill most cruelly fetuses still hiding in the maternal viscera. Who will not detest such an abhorrent and evil act, by which are lost not only the bodies but also the souls?”

And does not this make sense to us when we think about it?  For if these little ones were indeed martyrs like the Holy Innocents would not they be producing conversions?  When one reads the accounts of the martyrs of the early Church they are filled with accounts of floods of instant conversion which in turn brought about their own martyrdom and even more conversions.  As Tertullian taught: “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the faith” and indeed it was with martyrs blood that the ancient pagan world was converted.

But what then of then of the nearly 57 million children slaughtered just in this country since 1973?  Where are the droves of abortionists converting?  Indeed we are seeing conversions of the likes of an Abby Johnson, but clearly her conversion came about by the fervent prayers of those outside outside the abortion mill in which she worked there praying their rosaries.  This seems clear to me from her own book on the subject: Unplanned.  Still where are the droves of conversions?  We are only seeing a few here and there.  What of the more than 1.3 billion children who have never been able to know life outside their mothers womb around the world just since 1980?  And meanwhile the whole world seems to be falling apart… not converting.

Abortion then is evil, and far more evil than we could have ever imagined just by looking at it on the natural level, and there is no more fitting name for it than: Demonic. 

But what then becomes of these little ones who are indeed innocent of any actual sin?  The constant teaching of the Church has been that they go to a place of “perfect natural happiness” and thus are “filled up” with happiness to the fullness of their capacity for it.  And in a certain way they are not unhappy because they don’t know what they are missing in the beatific vision, but they can never be as happy as those in heaven are even those who are lowest in heaven because the capacity for God one has with the sacrament of baptism is immensely greater.   Just as on the other hand those who are Baptized and who go to Hell suffer all the more because they have a greater capacity for loss since the principle pain and punishment of Hell is the loss of God, and the fire and other sufferings are in fact God’s mercy (even in Hell) distracting the souls in Hell from their true pain, which is the eternal knowledge that they have knowingly rejected God and have separated themselves from Him.

This teaching of a place of “prefect natural happiness” is called the “Limbo of the Infants” as opposed to the “Limbo of the Fathers” where the saints of the old testament resided until Christ died on the Cross and thus opened the gates of Heaven to them.  This teaching of the Limbo of the Infants is very well attested in the teaching of the Church, and you can read more about it here: Limbo.

How Can Abortion Ever Be Ended?


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