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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

It is a certain truth that all the religions which have existed from the beginning of the world have ever had some sacrifice as an essential part of the worship which they offered to God. But because their whole law was either vain or imperfect, so were their sacrifices either vain or imperfect. Most vain were the sacrifices of the idolaters, nor is there any occasion to mention them; and those of the Hebrews, although, indeed, then professing the true religion, were poor and deficient, by St. Paul called infirma et egena elementa, “weak and poor elements” (Gal. iv. 9), because they could neither cancel sin nor confer grace. The sole sacrifice which we have in our holy religion, that is to say, Holy Mass, is a sacrifice, holy, perfect, in every point complete, with which each one of the faithful nobly honors God, protesting at one and the same time his own nothingness and the supreme dominion which God hath over him; a sacrifice called, therefore, by David, sacrificium justitiae, “the sacrifice of justice” (Ps. iv. 5); both because it contains the Just One Himself, and the Saint of Saints, or rather justice and holiness themselves, and because it sanctifies souls by the infusion of grace and the affluence of gifts which it confers.” -Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, The Hidden Treasure of the Holy Mass

-See the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass LIVE or recorded
each day here: Live Mass

-Experience the fullness of the classical Roman Liturgy here or here.

-Pope Benedict XVI’s restoration of the Sacred Liturgy: Summorum Pontificum and the instruction: Universae Ecclesiae.

The Pronouncements of the Sacred and Ecumenical Council of Trent on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Text of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

-Tutorial and reference resources for the celebration and attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Sancta Missa

-Learn how to offer the classical form of the Roman Rite on Youtube or in Person.

The Holy Mass, by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri – Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Sermons for Every Sunday of the Year, by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri – Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Explanation of Holy Mass, by Dom Prosper Gueranger O.S.B.

The Mass: a Study of the Roman Liturgy, by the Rev. Father Adrian Fortescue

The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, by the Rev. Father Adrian Fortescue

How Christ Said the First Mass, by the Rev. Father James L. Meagher D.D.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – Dogmatically, Liturgically and Ascetically Explained, by the Rev. Father Nicholas Gihr PhD

Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rev. Father Martin von Cochem O.F.M.Cap.

The Holy Mass, the Rev. Father Michael Müller C.Ss.R.


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