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Answered Questions

Whatever your questions… Catholicism has the Answer!

If God is good then how can evil exist?

Is it a Grave Sin to Shop on Sunday?

Can a Catholic be for the Death Penalty?

Are Organ Transplants Ever Morally Licit?

What is the Cause of all the Evils in the World?

Can There Be a Bad Priest, Bishop, or even a Bad Pope?


Who is Catholic?

What are the true teachings of the Catholic Faith?

Is it necessary to be Catholic to be saved?

Can the Church’s Dogmatic teaching change?

What must we do to be truly called Catholic?

What is the “Passion of the Church”?

What Does the Devil Hate the Most?

What is the One Thing Necessary in This Life?

What is the Danger we Face each year at Eastertide?

Is Santa Satanic?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Can a Catholic Engage in “Dating” Without Sinning?

What’s Wrong with Freemasonry?

Is Abortion Demonic?

Can Abortion Ever Be Ended?

Can You Go to Hell for Blasphemy?

Are We Reading our Way Straight Into Hell?

What are the Eight Worst Things?

Why is Sedevacantism Wrong?

Are You Becoming a Saint?

What is the Greatest Threat to Your Sanctity?

Why is Making Reparation so Essential?

What does the Church Really Teach about Suicide?

How Can We Have A Bright and Cheerful Home?

Is there a Problem with the Divine Mercy Devotion?

What is our Most Precious Gift from God?

What Will the Saints of the End Times Look Like?



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